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If you're looking for a source of thought leadership catered towards men, "Hey Man, I Get It..." is definitely worth checking out. It offers a 21-day journey filled with transparency and relevance, written with sensitivity and understanding towards the challenges that men face. It also sheds light on the importance of vulnerability and healing, which ultimately contributes to the making of great men.

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My ministry mission is to help guide people on their journey towards a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. With an approach centered around the transformative power of God's word, the spirit of prophecy, and the practice of prayer.

Group Sessions for Men

These sessions are designed for men. They offer a safe place to talk about the things that men NEED to talk about without judgement. Find company in the complexities. Gather, be known, and grow forward.

Relationship Coaching

for Couples

Your marriage is worth saving before it starts.

Premarital Counseling and Coaching for Couples. SYMBISS Certified Facilitators


These days many men transparently admit to having frequent feelings that no one understands us. Maceo has tapped into our masculine vulnerability. He writes with an understanding of the odds we face, the comparisons we conceal, and so on. Maceo, you inspired my faith and instructed my feelings in an emotionally and spiritually healthy manner. Thank you!

Walter Boston, Jr. Ministries, Inc.

This book will hit home and make you think about your daily choices. Maceo has a clear understanding what and how God wants each of us to live out our lives day by day. I challenge you to put these into practice and you will see your daily walk have a better meaning. Hey Man, I Get It!

Brad Wilson, Wilson&Co. Realty Group

"Hey Man I Get It” is sure to captivate the heart of every man who reads it. Each daily insight is thought-provoking, concise, and straight to the point. The lessons flow like a conversation and gives clear action directives to its reader. Each chapter of HMIGI is biblically based and culminates with a specific prayer to encourage your soul! It will bless your life!

Dr. Michael Figgers

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Meet Maceo Harris, an ordained minister, mentor, and author with over 25 years of experience in ministry. Raised by his grandmother, he learned the principles of wisdom, integrity, character, and a good work ethic at an early age. Maceo's genuine desire to see men thrive has created a pathway to connect and support them through ministry and mentorship.He's also a automotive professional and successful entrepreneur. Maceo and his wife, Stacey, own a real estate investment company and are passionate about providing quality and affordable housing for underserved populations.

They also host worship gatherings and nurture a community of believers through a monthly bible study. They split their time between Louisiana and North Carolina.

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